Ibn Saba’ was the originator of the Heterodoxical Beliefs of The Shi’a

Naasir al-Qifaari – “a faction from the classical and contemporary researchers have affirmed that [‘Abdullah] ibn Saba’ was the foundation of the Shi’i motion, and the first brick in its structure; corroboratively reported in both Sunni and Shi’a books in the same manner.”DiWSOYjW0AABGYn.jpg

Footnote: “For instance, Ibn Taymiyyah considers Ibn Saba’ to be the first one to propagate the idea that ‘Ali [ibn Abi Talib] is infallible, and that he [ibn Saba’] sought the corruption of Islam, the way Paul [of Tarsus] ruined the faith of the Christians.”

→ Usūl Madhhab ash-Shi’a al-Imaamiyyah al-Ithna’shariyyah – 1/72 | Dr. Naasir al-Qifaari [Muhammad b. Sa’ud University | Doctoral Thesis: First-class Honours] |  Translated by: Abu Dawūd [Mustafa b. Saalih] al-Hushayshi

Note: Paul of Tarsus started by propagating different beliefs, and when the companions of Jesus heard what he was doing, they reprimanded him… and he then proceeded to call them hypocrites.

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