Imam al-Shawkāni [d. 1834 CE] on Argumentation: Desire for Defeating and Overwhelming [arguing for the sake of arguing]

Imam al-Shawkāni [d. 1834 CE] – “From the various means that cause [one to] forsake justice, conceal the truth, and dismiss what is right [whilst acknowledging it], is what occurs between the people of knowledge [that is] disputations and arguments. A man perhaps may be insightful, observant, acquainted with truth, and strives for it, [yet] one mistake in a dispute and his ego and love for overcoming his opponent preclude him from correcting himself and rectifying his fault and we have witnessed a great many incidents from this type, some of which would provoke astonishment… from those who tread down this path would transgress and reach going as far as to take oaths in favour of their statements and positions [stubbornness].”

→ Adab at-Talab wa Muntaha al-Arrabb – Pg. 89 | Imam Muhammad al-Shawkaani [Edition: Dar al-Kutub al-‘ilmiyyah] | Translated by: Abu Dawūd [Mustafa b. Saalih] al-Hushayshi

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