Mu’aadhah bint ‘Abdillah al-‘Adwiyyah al-Basriyyah [d. 722/723 CE | Age: 77]

Imam al-Dhahabi gives her the appellation scholar in his biographical work. She related narrations from Imam ‘Ali and ‘Aisha [رضي الله عنهم]. Imam Yahya b. Ma’in considered her *thiqah [Trustworthy; the highest form of praise for a hadith narrator]. She was from the Tabi’un [the immediate generation that succeeded the Companions].

Known for her asceticism [zuhd], and her austerity in matters of the dunya. She was eloquent and fluent. Her husband was a dignified individual who was martyred.


She would spend her nights in ‘ibaadah [worship], she once said, “i’m astonished at eyes that find sleep knowing the deep slumber [that awaits them] in a dark grave.”


When her husband and son were martyred in a war, many women gathered to console and give their condolences. She gladly said to them: “if you are here to congratulate us [for the good-deeds we are to receive… then welcome], if you are here for any other reason, then return.”


She once said, “By Allaah, I do not wish to remain [alive] except to draw nearer to Allaah ﷻ through the various means [worship], perhaps He ﷻ may gather me with my husband and son in Jannah.”


It is reported that while Mu’aadhah was on her deathbed she cried and then laughed, she was asked, “why did you cry, and then why the sudden laugh?”

She responded, “I only weep because I remembered that I am to be separated from fasting, praying, and remembrance…” (i.e she found great pleasure and tranquillity in those actions.) “…and I smiled because I witnessed my husband approaching me wearing green garments, and among a group – I have not seen their likeness [beauty] in anyone from this dunya, and [then I came to surmise] that I do not see myself reaching [the time for] an obligatory action after that. Narrator noted, she died before reaching the time for the next salaah [prayer].”

→ Siyaar A’laam an-Nubala – 7/259

→ Jaami’ Akhbaar an-Nisaa’ – 1/406

Translated by: Abu Dawūd [Mustafa b. Saalih] al-Hushayshi

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