Abu Bakr at-Ṭurtushi al-Andalusi [d. 520 AH] warning the Fatimid vizier, al-Afḍal b. Badr al-Jamālī.

Andalusian Scholar, Abu Bakr at-Ṭurtushi [d. 520 AH], entered the court of the Fatimid vizier, al-Afḍal b. Badr al-Jamālī, and said: “This position you find yourself in was only granted to you because of the death of another before you, and this fleeting position is bound to leave you as it has come to you. So fear Allaah ﷻ in [how you use this] position accorded to you among this nation, and know that Allaah ﷻ will ask you about every date-seed and wick [in your domain]. Open the door [for appeals], and loosen the barrier, and aid the oppressed.”

→ “Nafḥ at-Ṭeeb Ġhusn al-Andalus ar-Raṭeeb” – 2/87 | al-Maqqarī al-Tilimsāni al-Ash’ari [d. 1632 CE] | Abu Dawūd [Mustafa b. Saalih] al-Ḥushayshi

at-Ṭurtushi strongly opposed the Ismaili ideology of the Fatimids. al-Afḍal loathed him.

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