Imam al-Shāwkani [d. 1834 CE] – The Standard Used To Distinguish Right from Wrong.

“Truth is not demarcated by men; it is men that are defined through truth. None from the scholars and leaders are infallible, and one not infallible is prone to err just as he is liable to be right. Correct in some matters and mistaken in others. His being right is not discerned from his mistakes except through referencing the Qur’an and the Sunnah. A correct view if it is in agreement [with the authoritative sources]; incorrect if it fails to agree. There is no disagreement on this standard between Muslims, from those who preceded them and their successors, from their foremost and those after them, from their seniors… [all in agreement upon this principle].” – Imam al-Shawkāni [d. 1834 CE]

→ Sharh al-Sudur fi-Tahrim Raf’ al-Qubur – Pg. 11 | Imam al-Shawkāni [d. 1834 CE] | [Publisher: al-Ri’asat al-‘Amah l-il buhuth al-‘Ilmiyyah wa’l Ifta’; 1432 AH]

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